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Fashion eyewear to flatter your features

First impressions are all about putting your best face forward. But with endless eyewear options, it can be overwhelming to know which styles look best on you. Learn how to determine your face shape and which frames flatter your features to help you look your best.

Find Your Face Shape

There are a few different ways you can determine your face shape to start exploring the styles that suit you best. Start by pulling your hair back and looking in the mirror—what kind of shape do you see when you examine your hairline, cheeks, and jaw line?

Have a dry erase marker handy? Simply outline your reflection in the mirror, and step away to examine the shape. If mirror tracing is difficult, try taking your own headshot using a digital camera or webcam. For super-precise results, use your computer's design software to trace your face in the photo.

While it's not an exact science, determining your face shape can help you discover new style choices.

Your Shape, Your Style

Most eyewear style experts say people fall into one of four face-shape categories: square, round, heart, or oval. Choose the category that best describes your shape, and use the helpful tips to find the perfect pair of frames.


Square faces are usually proportional in length and width, characterized by a broad forehead, strong jaw line, and squared chin.

Your best bet: To soften your jaw line and create the illusion of length, look for round and oval frames with upward curves and contours. Choose frames with corner flourishes or pops of colour to soften sharp features.

Styles for your shape: Semi-rimless, oval, and cat-eye frames will flatter your square-shaped features, while sharp points, metal tips, and more elaborate wings take classic frames to new extremes.


Round faces are also proportional in length and width, and are characterized by soft curves, few angles and a rounded jaw line.

Your best bet: Avoid small, round frames and choose high or mid-height temples to create the illusion of a longer, slimmer silhouette. More angular, geometric frames will also add balance and definition to softer features.

Styles for your shape: Squared frames with straight top lines and bold strokes are the perfect complement to the soft features of a round face.


The heart-shaped face is like an inverted triangle—usually a bit longer than wide—and is characterized by a wider forehead, higher cheekbones and a narrow jaw line.

Your best bet: To balance your features and add width below your eye line, choose round or oval frames with upward curves and low temples. Avoid exaggerating the widest parts of your face with decorative frames or strong top lines.

Styles for your shape: Want a fresh off-the-runway look this year? Try rounded frames, circular lenses, low temples, and 70s-styling—all perfect looks for the heart-shaped to explore.


Oval faces are typically longer than they are wide, have balanced features, a chin slightly narrower than the forehead, and a rounded jaw line.

Your best bet: Wider frames with strong top lines will help your face appear shorter and broader, but because your face shape is suited for a just about any frame, don't feel confined by any singular style.

Styles for your shape: The contrasting top lines of vintage brow line frames will balance out an oval face. Experiment with bold geometric shapes, relaxed cat-eye lenses, and everything in between.